Top five most extraordinary wildlife trails in the UK

Top five most extraordinary wildlife trails in the UK

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As summer season is drawing to an in depth and UK wildlife prepares itself for the winter months forward, the subsequent few weeks may very well be the final likelihood to identify some the UK’s most lovely native animals.  For these eager to study extra about the native wildlife, specialists at Verdant Leisure, have shared the UK’s most lovely landscapes, from woodland to shoreline, the place nature lives and thrives. 

 1) Dartmoor National Park, Devon
 Francesca commented: “Its expanse of moorlands, forests, wetlands and tors, makes Dartmoor National Park home to a variety of unique wildlife that can be spotted all year round. From the famous Dartmoor ponies to highland cows, rare butterflies and various species of birds. Keen eyes might also be lucky enough to spot otters in or alongside the park’s rivers.” 

2) Tay Forest Park, Perthshire
“Deep into the woodland, those exploring Tay Forest Park are likely to encounter exceptional native species. Foxes and pine martens roam the park, a haven of whimsical forest and huge lochs perfect for wildlife to thrive. Enthusiasts can also prepare for sightings of ducks, deer, squirrels and capercaillie. And upon the loch, you can bear witness as herons and kingfishers circle the sky.” 

 3) HauxleyWildlife Discovery Centre, Northumberland
 “The northeast is a spectacular area of the UK for outdoors lovers, and those with a particular interest in marine life will fall in love with Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre. Species of sharks, seals, dolphins and whales live in the waters of the northeast and can be spotted from the centre’s coastline. Following the wildlife trail inland will take you towards deer, beavers and pine marten.” 

4) Pease Dean Wildlife Reserve, East Lothian
“This ancient, semi-natural woodland is where ferns, mosses and liverworts flourish. During the summer months, the woodland floor is cloaked in bluebells and primrose, attracting various species of butterflies and birds to be spotted. On evening walks, keep an eye out for bats circling above the trees.” 

5) TeesdaleThree Waterfalls Circular, County Durham
“Most commonly known for walking and biking, Teesdale Three Waterfalls is a circular route with an impressive roster of wildlife to explore. Located within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it’s scenic waterfalls and rich moorlands are the perfect breeding ground for various species of wildflower, birds and general livestock.” 







The submit Top five most extraordinary wildlife trails in the UK appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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