Travel Guide to Doha, Qatar

Travel Guide to Doha, Qatar – Visit for extra data on Doha, Qatar

Doha is the capital metropolis of Qatar and is positioned on the Persian Gulf. The metropolis is a contemporary metropolis that’s quickly developed. Due to the big amount of cash that’s poured into building it’s believed that the town is about to develop into on the of the premier cities within the Gulf.

What to see

• Museum of Islamic Art
• Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
• Al Khor Museum
• Sheikh Faisal Collection
• Al Koot Fort
• Doha Heritage Village
• Souq Waqif
• Al Zubara Fort
• Heritage Library
• Corniche
• Doha Zoo
• Rumeila Park
• Jungle Zone
• Al Shahaneya
• Singing Sand Dunes

What to do

• Doha Trade Fair
• Doha Food Festival
• Doha Tribeca Film Festival
• Festival of the Senses
• Qatar Masters
• Qatar Class I Powerboat Championship
• Run the World
• Emir GCC Camels Race


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